Assessment and property audits

Christine Turlier & Partners office offers legal services such as a standing and evolving case dedicated to each client. It consists of five stages:

  • overall analysis of the private and professional property.
  • Civil and tax diagnosis.
  • Recommendations.
  • Settlement of the recommendations.
  • Assistance and follow-up by means of FOP.
  • Achievement of the legacy declaration.

Trust and philanthropic plans (nonprofit organization)

Christine Turlier & Partners office advises on issues of legacy in France and abroad (trust, endowment Fund) and philanthropic plans (nonprofit organization).

Christine Turlier has, in particular, developed a specific skill regarding management trust.

She offers free patrimonial consultations to the patients of the institute Rafael, home of the after cancer, created by the oncologist the doctor Alain Tolédano.

Management of assets and life insurance

Christine Turlier & Partners office offers the audit of life insurance contracts to analyze and optimize their end by death, civilly and fiscally.

A follow-up of the recommendations is set up by means of FOP.

Governance, family shareholding, relationships between associates

Christine Turlier & Partners office supports firms and family groups, as well as their shareholders in various areas, such as:

  • the organization and restructuring of the group.
  • the intergenerational or operating passing on.
  • the anticipation of the risks in the event of a case of absolute necessity(disability, divorce, death) affecting a family shareholder or a manager.
  • the family governance and the establishment of a family and shareholders pact.
  • the facility of the share capital and its temporary allocation for the benefit of the family managers.

The follow-up of the recommendations is carried out by the establishment of a FOP dedicated to the family group and/or its shareholders.

Intergenerational passing on

Christine Turlier & Partners lawyers deal with the specific, civil and tax issue of the property intergenerational passing on, through, in particular, several donations (gradual and remaining donations, intergenerational legacy-sharing) and management trust.

Legacy settlement, sharing, transactional protocol

Christine Turlier & Partners lawyers handle legal and tax settlement of several legacies (this is not an exhaustive list, for example: works of art, holding companies and family groups) or having foreign elements. 

Christine Turlier, who has an extensive experience in many areas of law is graduated as a lawyer and a solicitor, offers the writing of the attestation of legacy, of sharing or transactional protocol.

Christine Turlier & Partners lawyers also support you regarding civil and tax dispute.

Organization and passing on of private property

Christine Turlier & Partners lawyers support you advise on each changing step of your life and for that purpose, they intervene in the following areas:

  • assessments and legacy audits
  • management of assets and life insurance
  • optimization of management modes and property asset holding and
  • security (set up of dedicated structures)
  • Management trust
  • Change of the matrimonial systems
  • protection of the surviving spouse, particularly when it is a blended family.
  • legacy settlement, transactional sharing
  • writing of the attestation of legacy
  • Tax planning, tax return and “IFI” (solidarity tax on wealth)
  • civil and tax dispute
  • intergenerational passing on
  • will, donations

The follow-up of the recommendations is carried out by the establishment of a FOP.

Professional property structuring and passing on

Christine Turlier & Partners office supports the associates and directors in the structuring passing on of their professional property.

For that purpose, the lawyers offer:

1)The audit of the risks of the associate/director and the achievement of the related recommendations that allow to ensure the durability and the governance of the group in the event of a case of absolute necessity.

2)The making-up of a continuous property file that allows to centralize all the items for the line-up and organization of your professional property and identify the goals for the passing on of your firm.

3)a civil and tax audit aiming to identify the results of a passing on of your professional property according to pre-identified goals.

This audit will allow to identify:

-the possible issues concerning the establishment of legal and tax regimes.

-the latent costs of passing on.

-the possible legal and tax optimization.

4)the establishment of recommendations held in the prior audit.

5)the securing of your property status until your firm is transferred through FOP.

6)the transfer of your professional tool (inter-family transfer, to a third purchaser, Family Buy Out…)

Christine Turlier has gained a particular experience in “holding group facilitator”and in Duttreil pacts in Mittelstand, family groups and listed companies.

Family Office Property

FOP is a supply offered by Christine Turlier & Partners office for the attention of its private clients, shareholders and family groups.

This method is the genuine guarantee of how relevant all civil and tax recommendations are over time.

It allows a continuous adequacy between your proprietary interest and your goals while avoiding disrupting later by a case law, a legal or a regulatory novelty.

FOP can also suggest you new propositions of civil and/or tax optimization as soon as they arrive.

This continuity of the link between us will be realised by:

At least two appointments a year:

  1. The first one aims to take stock of your property status as a result of the past year.
  2. The second one allows you to set out the audit updating.

A mail of information dedicated to your marital and property status as well as your goals, including legislative, regulatory, or case law, legal and tax novelties.

FOP can also join a larger service of legal secretariat and assistance in your property daily life.

Private international law

In an international mobility context, Christine Turlier &Partners lawyers advise on civil and tax organization of their clients’ private and professional property and their passing on.

The lawyers help the private clients involved in the establishment of a dedicated FOP.