Our fees

First date

The first appointment does not give rise to invoicing if it results in the handling of the file by the firm.
On the other hand, if the first appointment makes it possible to respond immediately to the problem of the customer or if the customer does not follow up on this appointment, it is billed as time spent.

Fees fixing methods

Our fees are set in complete transparency with the client.

After discussion with the client, the fees are subject to a written agreement signed by the client.

Whatever the billing method, a provision is requested when signing the engagement letter.

In accordance with the ethical rules governing the profession of lawyer, the firm Christine TURLIER & Partners retains three methods of fixing the fees:


Billing time spent

As a rule, the fees determined on the basis of the time spent on a file according to an hourly rate fixed between 200 and 400 euros HT according to various related criteria:

  • the difficulty of the file,
  • the experience of the lawyer in charge of the case.

The hourly rate details applied are as follows:

Partner: between € 350 and € 400
Collaborator: between 200 € and 250 €


Billing a flat fee

In agreement with the customer, it may be decided to set a billing determined in a comprehensive manner and lump sum.

In this case, the fees cover all the legal or fiscal procedures performed, but do not include disbursements, costs, or the remuneration of other intermediaries (such as formalists, bailiffs, lawyers in the Council, etc …).

Billing a result fee

The Act also provides that the solicitor is entitled to solicit and obtain additional performance fees, depending on the result or service rendered.

The performance fee can not be the only remuneration.